Project launch: an introduction to our four main themes


The project was launched on the 17th September at an event attended by over 70 people, including local councillors, MPs, academics, and representatives from charities, consultancies, and private sector institutions. The two-hour seminar began with four thematic presentations by the project officers from LSE London:

  • Planning, development, and land supply – Nancy Holman;
  • Improving renting – Kath Scanlon;
  • Alternative housing – Melissa Fernandez Arrigoitia;
  • The role of foreign money – Christine Whitehead.

Each presentation discussed what we ‘know’ currently about each issue, presenting the traditional story conveyed to the public by the media and political discourse. Then, each presenter discussed recent research from LSE London that reveals important lessons for each theme. Finally, an array of ‘solutions’ that have been proposed for each issue were presented for discussion and debate.

Alan Benson of the GLA and Duncan Bowie of the University of Westminster kicked off the discussion portion of the evening, offering their comments on the thematic presentations and posing important questions and critiques of commonly suggested solutions. This discussion was then opened up to the floor, and a vibrant debate illuminated crucial points to be explored at later events: namely, the ability of research on the topic to be translated into real policy action.

The briefing notes provided on each theme can be accessed here.

The launch presentations can be accessed here: Launch Presentations.


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