Lyons and London: Labour’s latest housing review should not ignore initiatives in the capital

The Lyons Housing Review published by Labour’s housing commission in October aims to provide a route map for creating an immediate step change in the building of new homes. In her blog for British Politics and Policy at LSE, Christine Whitehead reflects on the 39 recommendations of the review and the oddly brief section specific to London.

Although London’s housing needs make up at least 25 per cent of the total national requirement, it is only discussed on one half-page of the report. The review offers only one specific suggestion for London – that central government will need to give a clear view on the extent to which London’s housing needs should be met within the capital or the surrounding local authority areas. Moreover, the rather negative and political approach to the capital misses an important reality – that many of the report’s recommendations are already exemplified in London’s experience.

The full blog post can be accessed here.