PRS Profiles: The reality of private renting in London

This video is the introduction to a series of short films called PRS Profiles, which seeks to showcase the realities of private renting in London from the perspectives of renters themselves.

Researchers from LSE London interviewed private renters across London in their own homes to learn more about their personal experiences living in the private rented sector (PRS) in the capital. This introductory video highlights some of the overarching themes that emerged from the individual interviews. Detailed individual PRS Profiles will follow shortly, offering a deeper look at the stories of the private renters featured in this film.

The profiles highlighted in this film are certainly not fully representative of the great diversity of household types currently living in London’s PRS. We hope to continue the project and to produce more profiles in the future, allowing us to represent more of the stories and perspectives of London’s renters.

Video by Alessandra Mossa

The following table summarises key information about our interviewees and the neighbourhoods in which they live (if you are a private renter and are interested in being interviewed as part of the project, please contact us at

Name Age Profession Area/Post Code Borough Post Code Property Size Average Weekly Rents Borough Median Weekly Rents*
Post Code Median*
Simon 20s Research Assistant Kentish Town Camden NW5 1-bedroom flat £320 £335
Sita and Adele 20s and 30s PhD Students Camberwell/Denmark Hill Southwark SE5 2-bedroom flat £322 £325
Laura and Theo 30s Filmmakers Forest Hill Lewisham SE23 Room in shared house £93 £109
Malgosia 40s School Caterer Mitcham East Fields Merton CR4 1-bedroom flat £190 £249
Melissa 30s Academic Finsbury Park Hackney N4 2-bedroom flat £340 £375
Farah and Eric 30s Academics Finsbury Park Hackney N4 1-bedroom flat £282 £299
Sara 30s Events & Communications Professional Stoke Newington** Hackney N16 Room in shared house £162.5 £299
Emma 20s Research Assistant Harpenden (AL5)*** St. Albans City and District Council AL5 1-bedroom flat £196 n/a

2 Comments on “PRS Profiles: The reality of private renting in London

  1. This film is excellent. But the project needs to cover more household types. It would be particularly interesting hearing from young families living on benefit in the PRS. Their lives are particularly precarious. Perhaps hearing from older people too.

    • Thanks Roger, really appreciate the comment. We definitely agree that there are many, many more household types living in London’s PRS then this film portrays, and we will add a note to that effect to the post. We are hoping to continue the project and to produce more profiles, and we will certainly look to interview families and older tenants who live in the PRS.

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