HEIF5 Project: Accelerating housing production in London

LSE London awarded a year-long HEIF5 project titled, Accelerating housing production in London. See our October newsletter with all the latest details.

The following is a project description:

London faces a significant housing crisis that threatens both its social sustainability and its long-term economic stability. Last year (2014-15), our HEIF5  project, Addressing the Supply Crisis focused on the implications of the national election debate for London; identified barriers to supply specific to the capital and pointed to where change was needed. In doing so, we built immensely positive relationships with major stakeholders providing both a careful analytic base and an independent environment where they could come together to discuss ways forward.

Following on from that, this year’s (2015-16) HEIF5 project will focus on the run up to the mayoral election examining strategies and instruments to accelerate the development of new housing and specifically clarifying how the new mayor could use his/her powers in the new policy context to generate a step-change in housing delivery. It recognises the importance of the housing issue for the Mayoral election and the role of the GLA in making that a success. All potential candidates agree that a step change in housing delivery is needed but there is very little agreement on the details of how to ensure it happens. The wide range of national housing and planning policy changes that have been introduced since the national election, which impact on what is achievable, further complicates matters.

By engaging key groups of stakeholders and focusing on practical ways of overcoming the main barriers to accelerating supply, we hope to influence and improve the debate leading up to the mayoral election and to provide a blueprint for the months following the election.

The project’s outputs will be archived here.

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