‘The Role of Social Housing in Europe’, Christine Whitehead presents at Uppsala University

On the 13th of October, 2015 Christine Whitehead presents at the Institute for Housing and Urban Research at Uppsala University. She surveys the role of social housing in Europe and concludes that social rented housing is robust and sustainable in many countries, although not necessarily by the public sector, perhaps more along the lines of the private-public model.

Here, Christine discussed some of the challenges social housing in Europe faces:

  • Declining population in some regions/countries
  • Worsening income distribution in most countries
  • Increasing problems of residualisation – tenure and /or spatial
  • Increasing need for regeneration investment in post war housing
  • Increasing pressure to cut public budgets
  • Increasing issues of affordability among lower income employed households
  • Increasing role in welfare support
  • Increasing emphasis on private renting

You can find the presentation slides here on our archives page.

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