Providing cheap housing in expensive cities: 
 is social housing the answer? Kath Scanlon at the ETH Forum Wohnungsbau 2016

How can we provide good affordable housing in expensive cities — and who should live in these homes? Using European examples Kath Scanlon explores various ways of financing and allocating social housing, and ask how <<social>> is understood in different countries at the ETH Wohnforum.

One of the main platforms for knowledge transfer is the annual ETH Wohnforum – ETH CASE conference, which has taken place in Zurich every spring since 2005. It brings together researchers and practitioners in order to characterise and discuss current developments and issues concerning housing and the development of cities. The conference – with its high number of well-known local and international speakers – also constitutes a good networking opportunity.

An excerpt from Kath’s presentation:
• Needs is greatest in high-cost
areas—where housing costs most
to provide
• ‘Affordability crisis’ affects young
professionals and low/middle
income families—but allocation
procedures often mean they have
little chance of getting into
traditional social housing

The ETH Forum Wohnungsbau 2016 speakers and PowerPoint presentations can be found here. Kath’s presentation can be downloaded directly here.


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