Would a rent cap work for tenants facing £1,000-a-month rises? Kath Scanlon weighs in on The Guardian

With various solutions being proposed to help relieve London’s housing crisis, rent control may be one of these ways. In Harriett Meyer’s article for The Guardian, Kath Scanlon reports on the difficulties that may come up in implementing such a system in the UK.

Here is an except from the article:

“Germany is often held up as the model of stabilisation, with many people living in the same property for life. Kath Scanlon, a researcher at the London School of Economics, authored a 2011 report entitled Towards a sustainable private rented sector, and said it would be difficult to replicate the system in the UK.

“The Berlin system requires a sophisticated database of private sector rents, and that’s an area where statistics in this country are very poor. Imposing rent caps would be perceived by landlords as the final nail in the coffin after the reduction in mortgage interest rate relief and the new stamp duty surcharge,” she says.”

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