A sense of belonging: the case for more communal living in the UK, Melissa Fernández for The Guardian

Melissa Fernández writes for The Guardian about cohousing putting forth recommendations on how cohousing can be adopted more widely in the UK. This piece was written in relation to research being conducted from the ESRC funded project, Collaborative Housing and Community Resilience, a knowledge exchange seminar series. This seminar series reflects collaboration between the UK Cohousing Network and six UK universities; Lancaster, Leeds, London School of Economics, Newcastle (principal applicant), Nottingham, and Sheffield.

Details of the conference can be found here. A recording of the conference livestream can be found here. The conference was followed by the Parliamentary of our report, Cohousing: Shared Futures. Details of our Parliamentary launch event can be found here.

Click here to read the piece in full. Here’s an excerpt of Melissa’s piece on the Guardian:

“The benefits of cohousing
This civic engagement, that many feel is lacking in wider society, helps build a common sense of belonging. The design and build of these communities, and the way people live in them are informed by this collaborative ethos.

For many, the fantastic social, political and environmental benefits of cohousing make it a real alternative to conventional housing. For example, by providing a ready-made social network it can be particularly attractive to people as they get older and need to downsize. This could be through mixed housing, where people of different ages support each other, or through dedicated senior housing.”



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