Global Financial Crisis: New Trends across Europe, Critical Housing Analysis journal, special issue (open access)

We are pleased to announce the publication of the new, special issue of Critical Housing Analysis. Critical Housing Analysis (CHA) is a peer-reviewed academic journal focusing on critical and innovative housing research. The purpose of this journal is to facilitate rapid feedback on critical and innovative ideas and methods developed by housing researchers around the world.

The special issue Social Housing after the Global Financial Crisis: New Trends across Europe, edited by Teresio Poggio and Christine Whitehead (LSE London), and co-edited by József Hegedüs, Martin Lux and Kathleen Scanlon (LSE London), provides critical analysis of social housing policies and their most recent development across fourteen European countries together with an overview of longer term trends. It offers a unique information on recent changes in social housing in number of European countries that aims to contribute to our understanding of social housing in two directions: (a) investigating countries that are less represented in the international literature; (b) updating previous findings and monitoring the effects of the global financial crisis.

The articles are open access. Authors and titles are as follows:


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