London Plan Draft 2018, Rachael Rooney’s Presentation

Rachael Rooney, Principal Strategic Planner at Greater London Authority, presented the Draft London Plan. The PPT presentation can be downloaded here. The focus of her presentation was on good growth policies:

  • Building strong and inclusive communities
  • Making the best use of land
  • Creating a healthy city
  • Delivering the homes Londoners need
  • Growing a good economy
  • Increasing efficiency and resilience

James Clark, Darren Richards and Rob McNicol from the GLA joined Rachael for the Q&A. The Q&A explored the following subjects:

  • affordable housing,
  • density, Green London,
  • Permitted Development Rights,
  • Green Belt,
  • industrial land,
  • AI and self-driving cars, and
  • cooperation with surrounding local authorities.

The consultation on the London Plan is now open. To put in a formal consultation response, you can either use this link, email or write a letter.

Click here to download Rachael Rooney’s PPT presentation.

Pictures from the event:


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