LSE Festival: Beveridge 2.0 | Gearty Grillings | Christine Whitehead on squalor / housing

In 1942 former LSE Director William Beveridge launched his blueprint for a British universal care system, ‘from the cradle to the grave’. Some 75 years on, LSE offers a week-long festival of public events, starting on February 19, exploring today’s “Five Giants”: the challenges of poverty; health and social care; education and skills; housing and urbanisation; and the future of work.

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In this episode, LSE’s Christine Whitehead, Professor Emeritus in Housing Economics, discusses squalor / housing:

Here is the rest of the series (in alphabetical order):

David Graeber on idleness / work 

Martin Knapp on disease / health

Lucinda Platt on poverty / want

Anne West on ignorance / education

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