LSE London, 
week in review 
- 4 Feb 2018 | Housing news – UK & London specific

LSE London News:

  • Property Guardianship, – Mara Ferreri
    On Monday 29 Jan 2018, Mara Ferreri, from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, spoke to the housing side of this phenomena. These are the notes from the event, including: author’s bio, PPT presentation slides, and other research outputs from Mara.
  • London out-migration mainly impacts around the edge of the South East
    LSE London’s Ian Gordon and Christine Whitehead, with population geographer Tony Champion, and housing specialist Neil McDonald have newly published research arguing that, with tight constraints on housing development in the ring around London, impacts of growing demand for space inside the city are channeled out to the more distant parts of the Wider South East (WSE), and a fringe belt beyond that.

Other housing news:

  • Number of social housing properties in England drops 11% in one year, -Harriet Agerholm, The Independent
    Nearly 40,000 fewer social houses were rented in 2016/17 than the year before, in what critics have said is a “shameful” and “shocking” result of the Government’s housing policies.
  • To bridge England’s productivity gap, the government should plan the north’s housing and transport together, -Mark Henderson, City Metric
    To boost productivity levels across Britain, regions need to be able to attract and maintain the kind of highly skilled talent which companies seek when choosing where to set up their operating base.
  • Tories accused of fuelling housing crisis with £3.5billion ‘firesale’ of council homes, Jason Beattie, Mirror
    The Tories have spent £3.5billion subsidising the sale of council houses while failing to build replacement homes. The report says the discount for sellers has leapt by 132% under this government to more than £60,000 – allowing them to sell their homes at almost half price. It says the discount for sellers has leapt by 132% under this government to more than £60,000 – allowing them to sell their homes at almost half price.
  • Why building more homes will not solve Britain’s housing crisis, -Ann Pettifor, The Guardian
    The problem of inflated prices lies in property speculation. That’s what we need to clamp down on. What has bitcoin mania got in common with house prices, especially in the capital? For starters, both are speculative bubbles. Vast sums of money have been poured into finite supplies of bitcoins and London property. Both have consequently exploded in value, albeit over different time periods.
  • Sorry, homeowners: London is now officially a “buyer’s market” -Emma Haslett, City A.M.
    London’s housing market is at a critical point, new figures have revealed, with heavy discounting by homeowners desperate to sell their properties tipping the capital into a buyer’s market.
  • House prices rose £28 a day in 2017 despite London slowdown, says Zoopla, -Jack Torrance, The Telegraph
    The nation’s homes increased in value by an average of £9,652, or £28 per day, between Jan 1 and Dec 12 this year, and are now worth a collective £8.3 trillion, according to figures from property site Zoopla.
  • People Willing To See National Debt Rise To Fund NHS, Poll Reveals, Kate Forrester, Huffington Post
    The study for Britain Elects by pollsters D-CYFOR, shared with HuffPost UK, reveals 54% want to see an increase in public spending, with 68% saying they would want the cash to go towards the health service… The poll shows health is overwhelmingly at the forefront of people’s minds, with just 7% saying they would want to see education spending made a priority, 7% for housing, 5% for welfare and 4% pensions.

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