Migration out of London mainly impacts around the edge of the South East

Click on the illustration to access the full length report.

LSE London’s Ian Gordon and Christine Whitehead, with population geographer Tony Champion, and housing specialist Neil McDonald have newly published research arguing that, with tight constraints on housing development in the ring around London, impacts of growing demand for space inside the city are channeled out to the  more distant parts of the Wider South East (WSE), and a fringe belt beyond that.

They also point to the underlying roles of rising incomes and international migration in driving this process, and of overcrowding as a buffer to it – with real uncertainties about how each of these factors will operate in the future.

The research report, covering migration influences and population dynamics across the WSE, was undertaken for the East of England Local Government Association, with the aim of providing a wider understanding of how areas inside and outside London interact. It  is meant to help local and regional bodies collaborate on strategic issues of common concern, and respond in an informed way to  issues raised by the new London Plan, currently out for consultation.

See here Rachael Rooney from the GLA presenting the draft Plan at an LSE London seminar; and click here to read the London Plan draft, directly from the GLA, and open for comment until March 2nd.

Click here to access the full length report.

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