Four of our reports make it into ThinkHouse´s curated library of the year´s best

Officially launched in 2018, is a new site comprising a library of innovative pieces of housing research. The library is curated by an independent editorial panel made up of experts with breadth of experience in the housing sector from academia, central and local governments, and the private and voluntary sectors. The main reports they feature are thought to have the best chances of influencing policy makers; they also have a section for highly recommended reports and another for honourable mentions. Two reports which our team members have worked on have made it to the top category. These are: The Future Size and Composition of the Private Rented Sector, our report for Shelter and Housing for older people, a Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee report.

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Our report, The future size and composition of the Private Rented Sector, suggests that if current trends continue one in four households in England and one in three in London could be privately rented homes by 2025. However, growth in the sector is now slowing down, so we analysed scenarios that reflect different macroeconomic possibilities in the PRS.The more likely ones suggest that, while the number of single-person households would continue to decrease and multi-adults to grow, there would still be more pressure on both prices and rents, especially in London. Click here to read our blog and access the report.

Click on the photo to access the report.

Christine Whitehead served as specialist advisor for the Homes for older people report for the MHCLG Select Committee which recommends a national strategy to help older people live more comfortably in their current home while avoiding the cold, the risk of falls, and difficulties associated with the location of their home and where necessary help them move and find more suitable housing. The report also recommends that developers, the central government and local authorities make concerted efforts in terms of providing advice and building appropriate housing. Click here to read Prof Ken Gibb’s review of the report. Click here to read our blog.

Making the list of Highly Commended Reports 2018 is another one of our reports, How greater planning certainty would affect residential development, reflecting research for done with University College London it was published by the RTPI.

Another one of our reports, A Sustainable Increase in London’s Housing Supply? written for LSE’s Knowledge Exchange and Impact project received an honourable mention.

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