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Housing and Urban Form: Tensions in the London Plan Examination in Public
Prof Christine Whitehead | LSE London
LSE, Knowledge Exchange and Impact fund

Mayor Sadiq Khan’s proposed London Plan is now entering its formal Examination in Public (EiP). The Plan is the Mayor’s most important policy instrument. The EiP is an extended process that allows public discussion of questions such as the feasibility of the Plan’s housing targets; how these relate to the Mayor’s affordability priorities; density and built form; and the relation between development inside and outside London. The core issues around housing and land use are highly political, and the fundamentals remain disputed. LSE researchers, particularly the LSE London research group, have worked extensively on these issues over the last few years. LSE London’s objective is to ensure that this body of LSE research is taken into account during the EiP.

LSE London is participating in this process in a number of ways:

  • We will do a final event on what the EiP has achieved.
  • And we will do our own assessment of the EiP’s Panel decisions.

This page will be updated to reflect our work for this project.

All of our blog entries for this project can be found here.

This document can be downloaded in PDF form here.

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