Examination in Public: Written Submissions

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Housing and Urban Form: Tensions in the London Plan Examination in Public
LSE London
LSE, Knowledge Exchange and Impact fund

LSE London has submitted written evidence on a number of the fundamental issues that the Plan addresses. The submissions are as follows (click here to view all of our submissions in one document; click here to view all written submissions from the GLA website):

  • Matter M1 on the treatment of choices between spatial strategies in the Plan’s Integrated Impact Assessment
  • Matter M10 and Matter M11 on the adequacy of development provision under the Plan’s Sustainable Intensification strategy, and the potential for increasing this with a London Green Belt review and/or collaborative development with willing partners elsewhere in the Wider South East;
  • Matter M16 on the Plan’s proposals for further developing such collaboration
  • Matter M17, Matter M18, and Matter M19 on the Plan’s treatment of housing requirements, housing strategy sand housing supply/targets
  • Matter M24 on the Plan’s policies for supply of affordable housing
  • Matter M39 on the Plan’s treatment of issues relating to density and form in residential developments
  • Matter M65 on the Plan’s proposed policies toward Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land

With our submissions, we aim to raise the level of debate around the draft London Plan and to input substantial and empirical evidence into the Examination in Public (EiP). Our written submissions bring together the findings from a range of research undertaken at LSE, particularly LSE London, on topics that lie at the core of the draft London Plan including housing, urban form, and London’s relationship with the rest of the South East. The underlying research informing our written submissions include:

This is a large body of research, mostly completed in the last two years, which taken together can help to inform London Plan decisions.

Our blog (www.lselondonhousing.org) contains more research outputs such as blogs summarising events, publications and videos summarising our work.

All of our blog entries for this project can be found here. An introduction to this project can be found here

This document can be downloaded in PDF form here

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